whimsy and grace - the story of ashley and steve

To say that I've been planning and dreaming about shooting Ashley and Steve's wedding is a bit of an understatement. Ever since we met up at the Royal Palms to chat about the big day, I've been obsessed. Mainly because Ashley was fabulous and Steve was so charming :) But also because they were planning on getting ready at the Princess and having the ceremony and the reception at Desert Foothills! Hazzah! Two spectacular venues. And that's exactly how it ended up. Spectacular!

Ashley and I chatted a bit about the bridesmaid gowns and the color that would play the best with desert backdrop. Ashley went with an amazing peacock blue that was stunning for detail shot backgrounds and on all her beautiful bridesmaids. Her gown was pretty much EVERYTHING. The Galatea by Willowby by Waters looked like it was designed just for Ashley. Oversized Dalia motifs cover the back of this gown and made for such dramatic portraits! Nothing dampened the romantic whimsy and spirt of the day...even when Ashley twisted her ankle and had to replace one of her Bella Belle kitten heels with a boot!

Steve, looked dashing as ever, in a classic black tux and white tie combination. He and the boys pow-wowed before the big day, then I got to spirit him off to the Princess for their first look.