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the price tag for storytellers

Hi Everyone!

WOW...well that was quite the break I took from blogging. But for those of you reading this at the end of 2020...well, I don't think I have to elaborate on why :)

I'm swimming through an ocean of post-processing at the moment and I wanted to share with you guys a little insight I had while working on my latest wedding gallery.

My face hurts. Weird right?

My face hurts from all the smiling I'm doing while I look at the moments I captured during Aileen and Jason's wedding. And I thought to myself..."huh, I wonder how many other photographers feel like this." And that's when my little lightbulb moment hit me. If I'm smiling like this, then I can only image what this sweet couple is going to feel when they see these. They're going to relive it all, all over again. AND! It's THEIR love story that's been captured here in these pixels. I've said the phrase over and over again, but today it crystalized for me. Photographer are story tellers. First and foremost. And really, when I think about it, THAT's why the best-of-the-best come with price tags that are sometimes twice, if not triple, the cost of the budget-friendly photogs.

Yes, a high-end wedding photographer has the best gear, and yes, they've probably been in the industry for a long time, and sure, they might be able to create some really fantastic, mind-blowing composites and re-touched portraits...but that's not really why they're worth all that dough.

High-end, truly professional photographers tell a story. They tell a story with each and every shot they take. Every shot has a purpose. It's not filler, it's not fluff. It's not the "spray and pray" technique. That's also why a lot of the greats don't end up giving thousands of final pictures to their clients. They don't need them. Every single image they take tells a story. And they only take those pictures if they add to that story. That's the difference. The best photographers don't take "a picture of a dress hanging in a tree." They capture a bride, looking at the beautiful lace on her gown, surrounded by beautiful light, getting ready to become a queen as she steps into the dress she's been thinking about for months. They don't take a snap shot of the couple. Instead, they compose a portrait that says "look at how regal these two people are!" or "look at how silly and fun this love this!"

So that's the answer, folks! If you want to know why some photographers cost more than everyone else, that's why. That's what we mean by artistry and story-telling. That's what you're paying for. And if you aren't...well...then why bother with "professionals" anyway? If all you want are snap shots, your friends and family, armed with the latest iPhone and it's crazy-good cellphone camera can do the trick :)

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