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gowns at the ritz!

Some of you may know about the drama that rocked our Valley wedding industry a few weeks ago. The magazine that I've been working with for the past two years, and the magazine that has showcased weddings in Arizona for 31 years, closed it's doors. Not only was it sad and heart-breaking that such an institution was closing, but it was also supremely frustrating that all of our hard work on the editorial content was not going to be showcased. Some of the styled shoots that we worked on months and months ago were now just abandoned!

Well, that old saying about doors closing and opening is proving true for me! the Celebration Society, a media company with several magazines throughout the nation, has decided to launch it's "Weddings Arizona" edition here in January and I'm teaming up with them! So fear not! All the beautiful editorial content we created over the past year will not only see the light of publication, but it will be gracing the pages of the a new and vibrant magazine! I can't wait to start working with this new team and see what we can create together!

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you guys some of the content I've had to keep hidden for the last year or so! Presenting....Gowns at the Ritz! We created this styled shoot at the Ritz Carlton at Dove Mountain. Not only is it a gorgeous resort, but it's a perfect venue for a weddings, surrounded by beautiful desert scapes and epic fire sky sunsets! Here's a peak at the fashion showcase!

Dream Teammates:


Blonde Model: Lyric Saylor


Brunette Model: Nicole Stoerkel


Gown Boutiques:



Hair & Makeup: Vidogi Salon




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