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why not elope?

So there you are. Sitting at the computer, staring at a long list of wedding planning checklists, feeling all bummed and depressed because it's 2020 and the corona virus has jacked up EVERYONE'S life. How are you supposed to do it? How are you supposed to plan a wedding when you have no idea what's going to happen in the next few months, or even next year? Well, I've been thinking about this...A LOT. Maybe even more so than all my wonderful couples because this is my business. And I've come up with a plan, y'all! Read on to learn about some insights I've had over the past few months and to learn how you can still have a gorgeous, unique, luxurious, totally YOU wedding.



It's true that ever since I can remember, going to a wedding meant going to a party. The bride and groom invited everyone from all corners of the earth and there was a ceremony, a cocktail hour, a dinner, and a reception. There was dancing and partying into the wee hours of the morning, and we all had a blast.

But, well, that's just not in the cards at the moment for today's planning bride. It might be, yes, but what if you want to plan your wedding NOW? What if you want to have your wedding during all the lock-down craziness?

The truth of the matter is that you don't need a huge guest list to get married. You don't need a huge cake, you don't need a band or DJ, you don't need every person you've ever met to be there to witness you marrying the love of your life. You just don't :) Legally, all you need is an officiant and two witnesses. That's it.

Now if this seems depressing, READ ON. There are more silver lining here than you might think.



If you're thinking that not having 50+ people at your wedding is a bummer, think about this little silver lining. If you only have to worry about you, your fiance, and maybe a few very close friends and family, think of the location possibilities!

If you don't have to worry about Great Aunt Bertha and her walker, you can hike up Bell Rock in Sedona to get epic red rock views (and photos)!

If you don't have to worry about finding a venue that hold 50+ people, why not look at renting a crazy-gorgeous mansion in Scottsdale on VRBO or Air BNB? Because of hotel and boarding laws, they can't legally be listed as "venue options" here in Arizona. And you can't have hundreds of cars pulling up to the house on the big day. But if it's just you and 10 other people? Why not!?



Still not convinced that an elopement style wedding is the way to go? Think about this...

Yes, your wedding festivities could be in a large reception hall, filled with family and friends. And you could choose dinner options off of a pre-set menu that a large reception hall offers. Chicken or steak, right? You could do that. Orrrrrrr... What about creating a totally luxurious, intimate dinner party for just you and your family? Maybe a few close friends? You could book a private chef to come to your million dollar VRBO. You could higher a wonderful guitar player or pianist to serenade you. You could create a truly magical, memorable night for you and your new spouse and just a FEW chosen peeps. Think of how special that could feel!



Let's face it. One of the most annoying parts to planning a wedding is dealing with the wedding day schedule. When do the bridesmaids need to be there? Who has hair and makeup done first? Where are the guys going to be getting ready? Will you do a first look? Where will you do family portraits? Who will be in the family portraits? When will you do the family portraits? When does cocktail hour end? When do you need to do the grand entrance?

If you have a wonderful planner to help you through the day, that's one thing. But if you're planning on doing an elopement style wedding. POOF! All those questions and scheduling issues just disappear! And with all that freedom of the schedule, comes freedom for your photographer. Take all the time you need to get those stunning couple's portraits! You have all the time in the world! And when you give your photographer time, the result is more artistic compositions. Trust me!



Yes, having all your friends and cousins and coworkers and family members with you on your wedding day can be a blast. Buttttt.....we also know what a pain in the tush that can be too! Who's going to be your maid of honor? Who's going to be your best man? How do you choose? What will the bridesmaids dresses look like? Who's going to get their hair and makeup done? Who's going to be in the family portraits? How do you keep Uncle Joe from getting into a fight with his ex-wife during speeches? How do you convince your mom that you really don't need to invite everyone from her office to YOUR wedding? T

he drama that can come with all those guests is eliminated with an elopement style wedding. And guess what? You have the ultimate excuse now! You couldn't invite that second cousin-once-removed (who you've actually never met) because...well, there's that darn pandemic sweeping the world at the moment 😆

So cheer up my wonderful brides and grooms to be! You can still have a fairy tale, dreamy, intimate, completely unique wedding in 2020 and beyond. And it might turn out to be even more fabulous and more memorable than you ever dreamed ☺️

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