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drama at the dunes

Today, just a quick note on the most epic engagement session I've ever shot. No, seriously. When Jacquelyn, Chris and I met for the first time, we made an instant photographer-soulmate connection :) They loved dramatic, bold, editorial imagery and that's exactly what I love to create. When they chose me as their wedding photographer, I got that giddy feeling I always get when I know I'm going to create some epic artistry with a couple.

Then, we started discussing the engagement session. Where would it? Here in the Valley? Up north in Sedona? REALLY far up north? Horseshoe Bend? Then Jacquelyn sent me a picture of the sand dunes near Glamis California. My jaw dropped. The image looked like the photographer had been dropped into the middle of the Sahara! And it just so happened that the very next day, I was invited to a private Facebook group by a designer of custom "fly gowns." These are wonderful dresses that my brides and brides to be can rent for a few days for photoshoots to create some drama. And boy did the dresses Jacquelyn wore deliver on the drama!

When I arrived at the dunes, it was surreal. Just drive down this little two lane road, up a hill, and BAM! You're in the middle of the desert. I will say that while the 25 mph winds created all the movement and texture I could have dreamed of, being sand-blasted for two hour while you try to photograph a gorgeous couple (who are also being blasted!) is not ideal. But we did it. We braved the desert wind, the sand in our eyes (and everywhere else!) And we came up with this incredible gallery shown below. Cheers and congrats to Chris and Jacquelyn for being the most adventurous, editorial couple in my engagement session to date!!!

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