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saying yes to the right dress

Mermaid, Trumpet, A-line, Ball Gown, Boho, Vintage, Classic, Romantic, Princess, Chic, Sexy, Modern, Dramatic . . . with so many gorgeous gowns out there, how are you supposed to pick the ONE! Here are the top 3 things to keep in mind when picking your wedding gown:

Highlight Your Assets!

We are all beautiful! But we all have areas of our bodies that we love and areas we'd rather down-play. So when it comes to a gown's shape, think about your body and what you're going to be comfortable showing off. For example, my shoulders and collarbone look AMAZING in halter tops, but I'm not a fan of having tight, revealing fabric stretched across my lower stomach.

PRO TIP! - Most women think that a mermaid or trumpet style gown will accent their midsection too much, but the opposite is actually true! Mermaid styles accent the shape of your curves (hips and waist) and can actually give the look of a teeny-tiny-waist! Don't by pass this style because you're looking to camouflage the lower stomach. With the right designer, it can be a game changer!

Links to fabulous designers who make wonderful mermaid style gowns:

Set the Scene

Think about the overall feel of your wedding. How do you want the scene to feel? Will it be intimate and whimsical in a gorgeous mansion's garden? Will it feel like a red carpet gala, filled with your guests showing off the latest modern fashion from the runway? Will it be in a grand ballroom, glittering with chandeliers, candles, and jewels?

If you know the feel you want to create on the big day, picking the gown to wear becomes a little easier.

The gorgeous Roxanne (on the right) wanted to create a classic, "Breakfast at Tiffany's" vibe and so this trumpet gown, with it's clean white satin, and minimalist embellishments was the perfect choice!

Links to fabulous designers who make magical style statements:

Beauty DOES NOT have to mean PAIN

Comfort isn't everything when it comes to fashion, but for your wedding gown, it needs to be taken into consideration. If you know you're going to be pulling up a strapless top all day long (and it will be LONG!) consider adding a thin strap or halter to your dress. Or look for one that comes that way!

If you're walking out in the Sonoran desert, maybe a long cathedral train isn't the way to go (considering all those jumping cholla!)

Are you a bride that loves to dance all night long? Maybe consider a style that lets your legs move...or consider a second gown all together for the reception!

PRO TIP! - Aren't really diggin' the feel of a veil? Bring one anyway! Even if you don't decide to wear it when you're walking down the aisle, it makes for EPIC detail shots and bridal portraits.

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