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to first look or not to first look . . .

I hinted a little bit in my previous posting about the concept of the first look. The first look is a specific time you set aside during the wedding day to see your hubby-to-be for the first time, prior to the actual ceremony. I'll be honest with you guys, I didn't do a first look. I was married to the idea of having my husband see me for the first time, in all my bridal glory, walking down the aisle. And I regret it :) Here are all the reasons I have for adding this special element to your wedding day:

1. A special moment, just for you

Here's the thing. There are a ton of amazing, emotional moments going on when you walk down the aisle. Maybe your dad just saw you in your gown a few minutes ago, and he's still crying and watching you walk towards the love of your life. Your mom is watching your dad watching you, your hubby is seeing you and his parents are watching their baby boy get emotional as he sees his future wife walk towards him. All your friends are finally seeing the gown you picked, etc. You get the idea. There's A LOT going on in those few moments of the day.

If you have a first look, that time is JUST FOR YOU. It's the perfect time to take a minute and remember that this day is about YOU. About YOUR love story and about the two of you starting your lives together.

If you have a first look, you'll have additional memories that no one else will have. That's an added memory that just the two of your share, and since that's what the day is all about, why miss out on it!

2. Nerves

Weddings are a big deal. They are pretty much the only ceremonial, rite of passage that we modern peeps have anymore. And with that kind of importance, people get nervous. Most people are nervous before the ceremony. Typically it's the groom that can't sit still and keeps pacing around the getting ready area, but I've had a ton of nervous brides too!

The first look is the cure for pre-ceremony nerves! It lets you take the time to remember what the whole day is really about. Seeing your partner and preparing with them before the ceremony is a huge weight of BOTH of your shoulders! You tackle the moment as a team, rather than being part of each others' jitter-fest :) And with the nerves all calm and happy, you get the chance to really take it all in when you actually do walk down that aisle!

3. Relaxing the Schedule

Ok, picture this: You've been getting ready since the morning, you've worked your way through your bridal portraits, your groom has had his getting ready portraits done, you've made it through the ceremony, and now (because you didn't have a first look) it's time for all the family portraits and bridal party pictures with you and your new hubby together. The first picture is all of his family (mom, dad, brother, sister, sister's husband, her kids, and your grandparents). So your bridesmaids decide to pop off to the cocktail hour for just a second to get a drink, while they aren't in the pictures. But then your maid of honor sees an old friend she hasn't seen in forever and now she's missing! It's time for the bridal party epic group shots and she's nowhere to be seen. And now the flower girl is crying because she's had a really long day and doesn't want to take pictures anymore. And your grandma needs to sit down because she's 85 and can't wait much longer for her turn with the happy couple. And all the while, that golden hour light is fading, fading, fading. SEE?!

If you do a first look, all of this can be avoided because you can do formal family portraits and bridal party portraits together BEFORE, the ceremony. Leaving you newly wedded love birds free to fly off with your photographer, right after the ceremony, for all those epic couple's portraits. If you time it right, this freedom in your schedule even gives you time to also enjoy the yummy horderves and delicious beverages at your own cocktail hour! WIN WIN WIN!!!!

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