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color explosion at chateau luxe! - the story of sirisha and bhushan

At the beginning of this year, I had the absolute pleasure and honor of meeting Sirisha and Bhushan, an Indian couple, living here in Arizona, who were looking for a wedding photographer for their Southern Indian Wedding. When we met, I was pretty much smitten :) They were so kind and sweet and they had a real eye for photography. They explained to me that while they wanted to be sure I understood the complexities of the Hindu ceremony, that they were really looking for an artist. Someone to capture their love story. And who could create some epic, dramatic shots indoors, with low light :)

We had several meetings throughout the months to come so that they could walk me through each step of the ceremony and the overall flow of the day. I was so excited (and a bit nervous!) when the big day arrived. I started covering Sirisha's getting ready segment at 4:30AM and didn't end up leaving the venue until about midnight! And OH WHAT A DAY IT WAS! I have never seen so much color, so much fun, or so much energy at a wedding. From the Ganesh Pooja to the Talambraalu, the entire ceremony was amazing. What a change from the quick, quiet, pious American ceremonies I've covered up till now!

Several weeks later, when I delivered their final images to them, my little photographer heart pretty much exploded when I read their review. Not only did I manage to capture every single important moment during the ceremony, but they loved the artistic portraiture we created at the end. And so did their families!!!!

Sirisha and Bhushan, I am so honored that you chose to trust me and my vision for your wedding. I think you've got me hooked! I can't wait for my next Indian Wedding and I can't thank you enough for being my first. Congrats you guys!!!!!

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