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the 4 biggest mistakes brides make with their makeup and hair

Whether you're a gal that loves to get fancy with shadow palettes or you're a lady that usually goes au-naturel most of the time, on your wedding day, trust me, you're going to want to high a pro. The pros know what colors work with your skin tone, they know what works best on the shape of your eyes, they understand how to handle different skin types, they can create magical volume and classic updos, and (let's face it) they take a load of work off your hands!

But while these pros know A TON about current makeup/hair trends and beauty secrets, they might need a little guidance from you when it comes to the look you want to create and what will look best in photographs. All of the images you'll see in this post are of makeup and hair DONE RIGHT! But here are my top 4 mistakes you want to avoid when it comes to creating your glam look for your wedding day photos!

1. Easy on the Highlighter!

This particular makeup trend has seen a crazy re-emergence in the last 5 years or so. And while I know it's tempting to use highlighter to create epic, sharp cheekbones and amazing contouring, don't go overboard. Why? Well, the name actually tells you everything you need to know! While the highlighter will highlight your cheekbones it will also highlight any minor imperfections on the skin. Like wrinkles and pores! No one wants to look like the crypt keeper on their big day! And no one wants to look like they have pores the size of craters! So if you aren't 20 years old with flawless skin, tell your makeup artist to take it easy with that stick!

2. Scheduling the Bride to go last

Back in the day, this was how ALL makeup pros scheduled their getting ready time. They work on mom, bridesmaids, flower girls, etc. then leave the bride for last. The thought process was that the bride is the star of the show, so she should look the "freshest" for photos. WRONG!

First of all, with the makeup artistry being done by today's pros, your makeup is going to last. Don't worry about that.

Second of all, and this is the most important part, what typically happens right after the makeup artists are done? Photos! And if someone was running late, or someone's hair took longer to do than expected, who's time is going to be cut into? The bride's! The last thing you want is for your makeup and hair artists to be rushing through bridal makeup and hair, trying to get back on schedule. No ma'am! Schedule the bride for the first part of the glam session and you will be ready and relaxed when it's time for your portraits to begin!

3. Crazy Heavy Foundation

Again, this is a trend that has gotten stuck in MUA's brains from the late 90's. Back before post processing (editing) was as elevated as it is now, the general idea was you needed to really cake on the foundation, so skin looks great in pictures. That is definitely not necessary any more. With skin softening techniques being what they are, you can trust your photographer to handle making everything look smooth, flawless, but also natural. No need to cake on the war paint!

4. Using your wedding day to "try something different"

Yes, your wedding day is a super special day and it's a day where you get all dressed up and dolled up, and you will look different and more glam than you normally do. That's how it should be! But it SHOULD NOT be a day you try something totally new that you've never done before. Never worn your hair in wavy pin-up girl curls before? Now is not the time! Always wanted to wear a smokey eye, but don't because you KNOW it makes your lids look droopy? Stay away! It's always a good idea to do a hair and makeup trial with your artists, so that you can work through the look you really want to create on the big day. Don't waste that time by throwing them a curve-ball at the last minute when they show up on the wedding day. Stick to the plan, go with what works, and leave the drama for the photos ;)

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