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one eye land features

Over the past few years, I've become an avid stalker of some major players in the photography biz. Most are internationally recognized wedding photographers like Ryan Schembri, Jerry Ghionis, and Sal Cincotta. But others are artists in the fashion photography world or portrait masters like Lindsay Adler, Sue Bryce and Miss Aniela. So when I happened upon Sal Cincotta's Wedding Photographer of the Year award from a group called One Eye Land, I was intrigued. Not only were the images on their Instagram account gorgeous, but they were being followed by a lot of my idols! So I hopped on over to their site and registered for an account.

Since One Eye Land is a photo sharing site for inspiration from "the top photographers and famous photography" I crossed my fingers that the editors would find my work worthy enough to be featured along side the epic images of my idols, photographs from Cadillac commercial campaigns and truly stunning imagery from the world's best photographers.

This morning, I was delighted to find that not only did the editors like my work, but they agreed to add FIFTEEN of my images to their curated gallery! I'm over the moon to be showcased on this site! Take some time to pop over and check out all the inspirational art being shared by this wonderful photographic showcase!

A Few Images featured:

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