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Ok everyone! The long wait is over. I'm back from overseas and I've just put the finishing touches on the Ireland shoot. 

I've dreamed about going to Ireland, really, since I was a little girl. I knew my mom's ancestors were from there, I fell in love with Cherish the Ladies and the Chieftains when I was just entering my teenage years, and I've dreamed of what it would be like to actually walk through the hills, touch the ancient stones, and meet the people with that enchanting brogue ever since :) I'm happy to report that it was more than I could have ever expected.

It is GREEN! Like, super saturated, magically green. And the weather was perfectly cloudy and dramatic for our trip :) The people are unbelievable. They're kind and welcoming, but they are also just really REAL. Their way of life hasn't change that much for hundreds of years, and they are all just fine with that. Everyone I met seemed genuinely interested in our travels. Where were we going, where  had we been, were we enjoying the country? And on top of that, the Irish story-telling, their wit and humor and just general goodnatured-ness made me want to move! 

The shoot I designed over there (completely online by the way!) was epic. The inspiration for the shoot started, as it usually does, with a beautiful woman! Lucy Watson, and up-and-coming model in Ireland, danced across my Instagram feed and I felt the spark! She had a fairy-like, elven face with fantastic turquoise eyes, with flecks of amber in them. After she agreed to be part of the shoot, I found I had a hard time figuring out what role I wanted her to play. Should she be a nymph like bride, running through the forests of Ireland? Or a great lady, wandering the halls of an ancient castle? Then another spark. I started to think of one woman in different eras, one soul transported through time. An ancient forest spirt and a regal countess! 

So Lucy took on two roles. One as the Lady of the Wood and One as Lady of the Manor. The Gown Lucy wore for Lady of the Wood look  was a fabulous "Luna" Gown by Kelly Faetanini, which was provided by Beau Bride of Dublin. 

Lucy's mother, Shirley Watson is a florist in Ireland and provided the floral crown, woodland bouquet, as well as the stunning deep purple lily bouquet for The Lady of the Manor look. The extremely talented Gillian Stapleton transformed Lucy’s make-up and hair for each look. 

As the Lady of the Manor, Lucy wore an Anna Campbell gown (borrowed from Lovely Bride in Phoenix), dripping with jewels, showcasing a gorgeous empire waist. We crowned this look with a marvelous handmade tiara made by The Hand Made Tiara of London. 

Victoria York, and incredible artist in her own right, create the gorgeous stationary and invitation suite which I brought with me over to Ardgillen Castle. The locale for this fairytale wedding shoot! 

So here are all the images from the shoot. I hope they transport you to another world and make you dream of Irish fairies, enchanted castles, and whimsical evenings across the seas! 

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