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how to ROCK posing for your wedding

How many times have you looked at a picture of yourself (snapped by some well-meaning friend or family member on their phone) and said "WHAT!? That's not what I look like. Don't you dare post that!"

Why do we hate so many pictures of ourselves? The cameras are getting better and better and yet, we still grimace and hold our breath when our loved ones hold up those little gadgets with the flash!

The answer: POSING. We all want that magical, "oh, I look like this all the time" shot that looks natural but also GORGEOUS. And the key to that is posing. You need a photographer that can direct you, and help you navigate angles, lighting, and posture. THAT'S ME! So here you go. Here are my top 3 posing tips for brides and grooms:

1. Find the light:

One of the things that sets professional photographers apart from any ol' Joe-Schmoe with an iphone is understanding light. Which is actually pretty complicated. But here's a basic posing concept regarding light that will make ANY picture you take about 10X better. Turn your face towards the light.

Whether that's turning your face towards a window or lifting your chin a bit so that the over head light falls onto your cheeks (rather than creating dark circles under your eyes) This simple posing trick can make a horrible picture turn into your next profile pic!

2. FOR THE LADIES - Create Space

Girls, none of us, have EVER said "please make me look wider and more bulky." EVER! It doesn't matter if you're a size 2 or a size 16, we all want to look elegantly feminine and trim. So here's another simple trick you can use to make sure you're always showing off the best angle of your curves. Create space between your body and your arm.

This can mean moving your hand to your hip for a portrait (like the gorgeous Christie over here) or it could mean lifting your arm slightly off of your hubby-to-be's embrace, so the flesh of your bicep isn't pushed towards the camera. Space makes our waists and arms look thinner. And ALL ladies love that :)

3. Breathe!

If you've ever seen a wedding, you know that people are pretty much smiling ALL the time. And when you're the bride or groom, times that by about 100. Your face will get TIRED during your wedding day. Not just from all the formal pictures, but from the laughing, the crying, from all the wonder that you'll be experiencing. So trust me, those cheeks are gonna need a break!

On top of that, all of us carry tension somewhere in our bodies when we take photographs. For most people, it's in those cheek muscles, right next to the edges of our mouths. So during portrait sessions, when all the focus is on you, take a second, close your eyes and breathe. No, like really breathe. Push the air forcefully out of your mouth and make your lips puff out! Give those muscles (and that tension) a break!

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