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love in the time of Corona

Hi Everyone,

Well, here in Arizona, we're on the upswing of cases and the Governor has just issued a "shelter in place" order. I really think they need to come up with a better term. I mean, we aren't hiding from asteroids or zombies! But nevertheless, I know most of us DO feel like we are dealing with the Apocalypse right now. So I wanted to create a post for all my couples out there who are planning a wedding for 2020. Hopefully you guys find this useful and also CALMING during this wack-o-do time in history.

1. Remember to BREATHE

Planning a wedding, at any time - in any country, is stressful. There are a ton of moving parts, and lots of dollars are being spent, and it can feel like a massive weight is on your mind as you make decisions and try to coordinate details.

So when the entire world gets thrown into upheaval and the economy shuts down, it can feel like that weight just decided to crush you. DON'T LET IT. The entire world is dealing with this crisis. And the wedding industry is no different. Your venue, your planner, your photographer, your caterer, your florist, ALL OF US, are going to do everything we can to help you reschedule and adjust. We're on your team and we're all in this together. So trust me, in the end, it will all work itself out.

In the meantime, if dealing with rescheduling your wedding really is the most stressful element of your life right now, count those lucky stars tonight, sister! So many - like globally so many - people are struggling to medically overcome this virus, to care for sick family members, or are being kept from their family members and loved ones. And there are those who are having to bury their loved ones. That's the grim reality. So while I have my moments of anxiety-riddled freak-outs, wondering how RLP is going to survive this, I try to remember that I am incredibly lucky. And I hold on to that silver lining and think about it every morning.

2. The heart and soul of a wedding

Now, you all know that no one loves a good party more than me. Parties are a blast, parties are joyous, parties let you feel the wonderful love you feel when you're surrounded by your loved ones. But that's not the heart and soul of a wedding. The core of a wedding is YOU. It's your individual love. The love between you and your partner, your mate, your chosen person, that we're all celebrating. And living through a Pandemic doesn't change that.

So if you really can't (REALLY CAN'T) reschedule your wedding (your partner is being deployed, one of you is seriously ill, etc.) remember that it's YOU. You're the important part. You don't need a huge gathering to make it legal. You don't need rings, you don't need flowers, you don't need a gown. Those are all just icing on the proverbial cake. Because you don't need one of those either. Do the deed at the courthouse once it's open. Be with the person you've chosen to love for the rest of your life and don't worry about it. The parties will come back and you can celebrate that joyous union with all your friends and family then. When it's safe.

3. Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together

I know it literally feels like the end of the world right now. But it isn't. Our parents and grandparents and great-grandparents went through a time just like this. Worse, actually, if you think about the other sweeping, world-altering epidemics that humanity has suffered through. And this suffering will pass in time, just like it did during the World Wars, famine, plague, and all the rest.

During the quiet times, when I'm not freaking the F out, and I'm being thankful for everything I have, I try to get a little perspective and open my mind to the possibility that this is the universe's way of telling me something. What is it? Maybe it's that I've been spending way too much time and energy on my business and my art. Maybe this is the time that I'm supposed to be spending with my husband and my six year old son. Maybe I'm being taught to be more patient . . . because lord KNOWS I was not meant to be a homeschooling kindergarten teacher :) ...But here I am!

So try to smile, open your mind, and laugh. Laugh A LOT! If you're looking for a chuckle, my Facebook feed has not disappointed the last few weeks. Here are some favs. Hope they make you giggle :) Stay safe out there, all of you! #wellgetthroughthis

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