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steamy boudoir season!

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Did you guys know that the summer in Arizona is boudoir season? No!? Think about it, it’s about a zillion degrees outside, so why not create some HEAT with an indoor, sultry, sexy boudoir session? Here are the reasons I hear all the time from my clients for NOT booking...and my responses!


1. “Oh sure, SHE is gorgeous, so of course she can do boudoir. I’m not that photogenic.”

Trust me, honestly and truly, you are beautiful. Every women has their own personal unique beauty. You just need an artists (who knows what they’re doing) to show you!

2. “I’m too nervous! I’ll look tense and crazy in my photos.” Boudoir makes EVERYONE nervous! But with me behind the lens, helping you, directing you, making you laugh ;) You’ll be having a ball before you know it! And the pictures will show it!

3. “I just need to lose like, 15 lbs, then I’ll book.”

Girl...if we haven’t all been saying that for years!!! But you really don’t need to! Trust me! Lens choice, directional posing. I can make you loose 20 lbs without breaking a sweat! So let’s do this! Contact me to have the time of your life, with epic, timeless, photographs to boot!

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