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what they fell for - jenny & javi’s story

I found out a while ago that Jenny and Javier are getting ready to welcome a new bundle of joy into the world! So excited for them! I was also super stoked to hear from them about their fav wedding images! Here’s what these two love birds had to say about the beautiful images we created on their wedding day:

“It's hard for me to chose between all the breath taking pictures and say that I have actual favorites over the others! Each picture holds sentiment to me in different ways but I would have to say this one makes the top of my list for sure! There's so much flame in my husband's face it immediately captures the eye and it's hard to look away. I am so in love with this moment and how protected he makes me feel. This photo not only represents that my husband is my rock but that he wouldn't let anyone hurt me or get close enough to try.”

“I'm so grateful this particular moment was captured, it's a story I plan to share with our kids for sure. Javier and I practiced the week before putting our rings on each other and we couldn't stop laughing every time I attempted putting his on because it fit him so snugly and I struggled getting it on his finger every time! Our wedding was no exception, we both are giggling because I was pushing SO hard to get it on and the stubborn thing took a minute for me to budge it! This picture makes me smile every time I look at it ❤”

This picture is incredible! My eyes are on fire and my big day turned out even better than I could have ever imagined. I got my fairytale ending and this picture perfectly captures how ready I am for the journey ahead of us!

Thank you guys for sharing your favorite images with me. I couldn't agree more with your picks! I love each of these for the same reasons you mentioned! Congrats again on your upcoming edition!

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