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what they fell for - jessica and jeff's story

The past few weeks have been so filled with beautiful weddings and happy "I do's", I feel like it's been forever since I've had a minute to shared one of my couple's "fav images" stories, so here's one from Jessica and Jeff's beautiful church wedding and super-fun reception at the Paseo! Thank you both for taking the time to share your thoughts with me! It was a wonderful day, and I feel oh-so truly honored that I was there to capture it for you!

Jessica & Jeff:

"It was so hard to pick just a few because honestly, we love all of our photos. We got into our own place about two months ago and I’ve been slowly putting up pictures and it’s been so hard to pick the ones I want because I love all of them for different reasons. You honestly captured more than we could of asked for and we are grateful for all our memories. I love the one with Jeff and I in the church with the light from the stained glass lights on my dress. Our faith is so important to us and to capture such an amazing photo on the fly, with saints in the background it just awesome! The colors really pulled the pink out of my dress and it really captured how untraditional it is and I appreciate that so much.

I also love the picture with Jeff facing forward with my back to the camera but we are looking at each other. I think most of the time weddings are all about the bride and sometimes the groom is forgotten. This photo has Jeff pretty much the center of the attention admiring me and I love that.

The last one would have to honestly be any of the photos with us and our bridal party. I love that we took so many sassy, fun, and semi-serious photos. My girls and I felt like models walking down the path and you just snapping away. The black and white photo turned out stunning. We all look and felt amazing the way the wind is moving my vail is just perfect. The guys had so much fun capturing their socks and posing with Jeff."

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