Man oh man! This month has already been filled with shoot after beautiful shoot! Tonight will be another late one filled with green tea and Photoshop, which I love ❤️ 

But I wanted to take a moment tonight to post a bit about some “deep” thoughts I’ve been having lately about photography. And art. And just life in general!

For those of you that don’t know, a few years ago, before becoming a mom, I was on a very different career path. I had my MFS (Masters of Forensic Science) and I was settled into my career as a crime scene investigator. What’s that saying? Loved the work but hated the job? I did love working cases, I loved analyzing scenes, learning from detectives. It was fascinating and I still miss it. But politics, a lack of growth in my field, and working late hours didn’t exactly jive with being a new Mom. Thankfully, I have a beyond-supportive husband who made it possible for me to make a very improbable and wonderful change.

When I made the change to such an artistic line of work, I felt a bit guilty. I mean, working a homicide case was a real “service.” It felt honorable. It was literally life and death that I worked with everyday. It seemed frivolous and self indulgent to say “hey world, I’m gonna spend my time taking pictures!”

But over this past year, growing, and learning so much from some of the true masters out there (bless you, CreativeLive!) I’ve started to realize that art isn’t just a past-time. It’s really the only thing that makes It’s the fabric of humanity. It’s not a service to society. It’s not using science to solve mysteries. But it’s really everything. Everything that makes us so unique and beautiful. Here are some images from 2017 that were big growth moments for me. And 2018, I can not wait to see what you have in store for this budding artist. Let’s do this thing! 

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