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where to have your arizona wedding - venue spotlight - the JW Marriot at Camelback Inn

Where To Start Those of you that follow the blog regularly may have picked up on my new love affair with this unabashedly "southwest" wedding venue. From the dramatic, saturated colors, to the actual old west town at the base of mummy mountain, this stunning resort is a must see for those looking to embrace the beauty of the southwest. 

The Feel

The feel of the JW Marriot at Camelback Inn is exactly what you would expect. It's warm, welcoming and authentic. Shelley Levy, one of the lead coordinators at the Inn, makes it her mission to assure your wedding day is perfectly planned, executed, and professionally supported. Shelley and her team take care of everything, creating a wonderful, stress-free sanctuary for their brides and grooms. I adore working with them because they understand the artistry that goes into creating wedding photography art and they always treat me like part of the team ☺️ The Spaces

The areas around the Inn where you can create stunning images are infinite! The desert landscape is impeccable, the cream-colored adobe walls have a fabulous, stucco texture that is wonderful to use for white space. And I could probably shoot for hours on end just in the lobby! There are so many whimsical, dramatic details in the architecture and the decor. (I actually DID spend over an hour shooting the lobby, but I can't share those quite yet! Why!? Stay tuned for some publication updates!) But for now, enjoy these wonderful highlights from Robb & Leah's wedding, taken in the lobby of the Inn.

Want to embrace the Southwest feel, but looking for a little more greenery at your ceremony site? Not a problem! The Camelback Golf Club is also an option for your ceremony and reception. Really, anything you can imagine is possible at this stunning venue!

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