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how i capture those memories

Over the past month or so, I've been getting the "second shooter" question a lot. How do I capture all those special moments, just shooting on my own? Aren't I worried I'll miss something?

The answer, honestly, is no. I'm not worried about it because I've developed my own process for shooting a wedding. Every wedding is different, that's true. But being adaptable and working out a smart timeline before hand allows me the flexibility to capture it all.

The key, in my opinion, isn't to split up the coverage and take more and more pictures, hoping you captured those spectacular bursts of emotion. The key is to know how to look for them, and anticipate them. That's a special skill I've learned and worked towards perfecting throughout the years.

If you know your couples, if you know what's important to them, you'll develop that sixth sense that will let you prepare for capturing those gems. So for me, nope, no second shooter necessary. Since I'm a control freak, I want to be the one there, capturing it all. I want to capture that grin as the best man helps the groom put on his jacket. I want to capture the tear in mom's eye as she fixes the veil on her daughter's head. It's my art, my passion, and my obsession. I hope this helps my future brides and grooms understand why I shoot the way I do. Have a look at these moments below to see, in images, what I mean :) 

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