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let the light tell you

I remember a few years back having a mentoring session with a local wedding photographer. You guys probably remember me blogging back then about the confusion I felt when it came to "picking a style." Back then, I thought that was an impossible task! I loved everything! I thought every beautiful, water-color like image from Jose Villa was to-die-for. But I also loved the drama in Jerry Ghionis's work. That mentor told me to give it time. That I would eventually find my voice. 

Well, tonight, I'm excited (and a little nervous) to report, I've found it. I've picked it. I am hopelessly and totally in love with dramatic, moody, editorial photography. I'm excited because it took me a while to really focus my art in on one type of photography. It feels super satisfying and rewarding to have found a solid direction. And I'm nervous because I know not every bride is looking for that kind of imagery. It's a bit like falling for the bad boy! You know your parents would love you to settle down with some light, airy, soft focused film photography, but you just can't help lusting after dramatic shadows and hard, directional light!

Well, it happened. I fell and fell hard! So the website will be getting an update, and I'm going to get laser focused on honing my lighting techniques. Not just how to create it, but how to find it, how to recognize it, and how to modify it.

In the end, I know this direction is going to let me grow as an artist and I think, add something to the industry here in Arizona. I hope you all come along with me for the ride, because it's going to be filled with fabulous light, gorgeous artistry, and happy couples! 

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