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what she fell for - lesley's story

This week, I wanted to start a new blog series to see what my brides really love about their wedding photos.

Whenever I meet with a new couple, I always try to get a feel for who they are. How did they meet? How did they grow? What's important to them? What is their aesthetic? It's such a fun part of being a wedding photographer :)

There is so much thought and planning put into each wedding shoot, but I realized recently, that I haven't been spending much time checking in with them afterwards. When I send off those digital files and hear back with "oh my gosh, I'm obsessed with these!" that's usually where I stop.

SO! In this series, I wanted to check in with my brides and see which images, in particular, they really ended up loving and why. Hopefully, this can be a great wedding-planning resource for my brides to-be!

Lesley and Mark were married at the lovely Phoenician Resort. When I checked in with her to see which wedding photograph she loved the most, she couldn't decide! She ended up picking three:

This photo was taken along a cactus walk, near the base of Camelback Mountain. Lesley loved this image because it really showcased the gorgeous desert terrain and captured a beautiful moment between the groom and his new bride.

The other two were photojournalistic photographs I captured during their vows.

"You took a picture of Mark looking at me (and me at him) - there was so much love in our eyes. I love those pictures."

Thanks, Lesley, for sharing your thoughts on these images. For you, these photos showcased the beautiful location you chose and highlighted intimate, meaningful moments. What a winning combination!

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