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beautiful bridal boudoirs

The past few weeks I've been deep in training and education mode. Several of my brides have been asking me about boudoir shoots. While I haven't ventured into this realm of photography until recently, I love the concept behind it.

Boudoir shoots are incredibly empowering and also make truly stunning images. And what better time to take these images than on the wedding day? You've got your hair and makeup all done up, you've probably got some fantastic heels to wear, and if you were looking for an excuse to buy some beautiful lingerie ...vwalla! Here's your chance!

If your a wedding photographer whose planning on offering boudoir shoots as part of your packaging, or if your passion is solely boudoir, you HAVE to check out Jen Rozenbaum's Boudoir boot camp on Creative Live.

Wedding photographers know a lot about photographing brides, grooms, chasing the light, and capturing poignant photojournalistic moments on the big day. But there are some amazing gems in Jen's training that focus on the unique challenge of photographing women in various states of undress. Jen is a guru and such a open, genuine teacher.

While I won't be sharing any of my shoots here (until one of my brides gives me the ok!) I'm so happy to report that these images have become some of my favorite to date!

Regardless of her shape, size, or age, I urge my future brides to consider this unique addition to your "must have" shot lists for the wedding day! Your hubby (and you!) will be oh so glad you did 😉

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