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the hunt for luxurious light

A few weekends ago, I was fortunate enough to shoot, again, at the Royal Palms. Angela and David's wedding created an amazing mix of lighting environments for me to play with. I’m falling more and more in love with the dramatic directional lighting I used to capture the shots below in Angela’s bridal suite.

But the Palms is also an amazing location because of all the soft, glorious light that pours in and through its outdoor corridors and walkways.

And of course my veil obsession continues!

The ceremony was held at St. Catherine of Siena ( a Catholic Church in the heart of south Phoenix). This was actually my first shoot in a Catholic Church. I was prepared prior to the ceremony that photographic coverage would be very limited. You can’t shoot while the father is praying, you can only shoot the exchange of vows during the mass, you can’t move from you selected seat once the mass starts, etc. So I was a bit nervous that I would be able to capture all the beauty of the ceremony with so many limitations.

But thankfully, we were allowed about 10 minutes after the ceremony to shoot. David and Angela decided to take the formal family shots in the church, but my absolute favorite shot of the day happened as I watched them walk down the aisle, towards the exit. The stunning stain glass directly above the main doors took my breath away and I snapped this silhouette as they exited.

This year has been filled with so much growth for me as a photographer and as an artist. Each shoot and each wedding is so unique. Not just because each couple’s story and love is so singular, but also because the feel of the light changes, even if you shoot in the same location. The time of year affects it, the time of day, the schedule of the bridal party. It’s all a wonderful moving challenge, ever time. This wedding was no different and I was so thrilled with all the different techniques I was able to try and light I was able to capture. Congrats Angela and David, on a beautiful day!

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