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my new found obsession with the old world

Just a very quick post tonight (I'm a little worn out from this weekend!). I was so honored to be the photographer for a stunning wedding at St. Catherine of Sienna's Catholic Church on Saturday. The ceremony was a classic, Latin Mass, and the reception was at one of my favorite spots in the valley (the Royal Palms).

In getting my artistic-mind right for this shoot, I was watching one of Jerry Ghionis's many Chapter Indexes, and I found out that I have a new obsession...veils! Ok, ok... maybe it started back when I shot Christy and Scott's wedding in San Diego, but this particular wedding added a new level of obsession to my veil fascination. It added a certain amount of "old world" romance to the shoot. The bride, Angela, is from Ireland, and her stunning profile, along with the addition of the church, the Latin chanting, and her Cathedral length veil created a mesmerizing atmosphere. More to come on Angel and her her new hubby David, but for now, let me just say that this incredibly "classic" wedding motif really lent itself beautifully to some modern, photojournalistic shots I made it a goal to capture. My latest obsession is below...sigh...that veil!..that might become my new catchphrase! Enjoy ;)

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