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magic & memories - the story of marie & kenny

Updated: Jul 18, 2019


Sometimes you meet a couple with such an incredible, touching story, that you feel even more determined to create magic for them. Kenny and Marie are a dear couple I met, actually after their first wedding.

While they were planning their big day, Kenny's mother fell seriously ill. She hadn't told them about how serious her condition was because she didn't want to cast a shadow on the happy glow of their wedding plans. But sadly, her illness progressed at such a rapid rate, that Kenny and Marie flew home to her, to be by her side. Understanding the gravity of the illness now, Marie and Kenny made the touching decision to get married in the ICU, so that Kenny's mother could witness their union before she passed.

Marie and Kenny's second ceremony and reception were filled with joy and love and were highlighted by beautiful moments of remembrance for those they'd lost. Including a dove release, at sunset, towards the end of the ceremony.

Here are some highlights of their beautiful day and captured moments of their story:

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