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publication love! - ashley & peter

It's always wonderful when your work gets published. But when it happens so quickly, it's splendid! Modern Weddings has just featured Ashley & Peter's elegant desert wedding on their blog today! Happy New Year everyone! When the rest of the nation getting a good look at all their beautiful images, this is probably the time to share their story with all of you as well!

Ashley and Peter created a stunning, elegant party in the desert for their destination wedding. They live in California, but came back to Arizona for their ceremony and reception, held at the iconic JW at Camelback Inn. Ashley's Tara Lauren gown, with blush and lace details, was stunning in this southwest oasis of color and dramatic light!

The JW has recently undergone a remodel and I was a bit shocked when I scouted the interior prior to Peter and Ashley's wedding. But when I adjusted to the bright white paint and modern/rustic decor of the restaurant I was in love all over again with the setting. While the color palette changed drastically from deep brick reds, oranges and yellows to bright cremes and grey wood, the designers kept the inherent Southwest feel to this iconic resort.

We were gifted with an amazing fire-sky to top off the day, which created an epic backdrop for Ashley's lace gown and the abundant textures of the Mummy Mountain trail. The couple's friends and family spent the evening dancing and laughing under the twinkling lights of the "old west" town before enjoying a fourth meal from Taco Bell! Courtesy of their fun-loving hosts :)

Congratulations to Ashley and Peter on a wonderful day and heres to the start of a wonderful adventure!

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