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troon love

Most of the time, during a wedding, my brain is chugging away, in a creative swell. I’m evaluating lighting, I’m thinking about composition, I’m directing poses, I'm setting up off camera flash, I'm switching out lenses and yes, sometimes bringing brides water, helping the groom pin a boutonnière, or shuffling the timeline with a coordinator.

But there are some weddings where the families are so loving and the friends are so joyful that I get a little swept away too! Andie and Sean’s wedding at the Troon North Golf Resort was one of these joyous events.

And to make the fairy tale all the more real, believe me when I tell you, these two are ready for marriage. There were so many times I caught them looking into each others eyes, cherishing each moment of the wedding. When I was working through post, processing the images from their first look, I wanted to pick up the phone, call Andie and say “Girl, this man is head-over-heels, utterly and totally in love with you!”

So congrats to these two sweetest friends. May the years to come be filled with all the love, joy and support you brought together on this happy day!

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