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primp parties!

I don't really think it's a secret at this point that I love shooting gorgeous portraits of women. There are so many elements of wedding photography that I love, but that magical time, when the bride is getting into her gown and all her ladies are around her is just my favorite. The feminine power, the stunning beauty of that time is something that draws me in. So why do I only get to create all this prettiness on a wedding day?

I have just finished up some training by the powerhouse portrait artist, Sue Bryce, and she had a fabulous idea that I am definitely stealing (it's ok, she said we could!) Enter the idea of Bachelorette Primp Parties!

Here's the idea: You and your bridesmaids-to-be want to go out on the town and have a ball for your bachelorette party. Maybe you don't feel like flying out to Vegas? Maybe you don't want to spend the money on getting somewhere, but rather want to spend it on the experience. Well, listen to this:

I've chatted with my go to glam-squad artist and I've put the word out to my contacts at the fabulous resorts around here and everyone is a go! So you get your girls together, pick a date you want to paint the town and I'll plan out the rest.

You and your girls come to the resort, we set you up in a beautiful room, my glam squad gets everyone looking AMAZING,'s the best part... portrait sessions! All of your girls get their own fabulous portraits taken while the rest get dolled up. Then, once you are all ready to rock, out you go to dance the night away at your favorite Scottsdale spot! What could be more fun than everyone getting to feel like a rockstar while you pre-party!?

Thanks, Sue, for the incredible idea! I can't wait to create some of these epic portraits for all my Leintz brides AND their girls!

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