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glam the gown!

So I'm not really sure why this concept took me so long to figure out, since my clients have already ask for it! But late last night I was watching some training on Creative Live by the fabulous Sue Bryce and she laid it out quite simply and I LOVE it!

Every gal loves her bridal gown. We spend much the looking for it, trying on one after another...and did I mention the price tag? Then what? After the big day, we hang them in a closet, box them up, and reminisce about the time we got to wear it. But why!? Why not have another special, private dress-up session AND get some gorgeous images to immortalize all that beauty?

Enter "Glam the Gown"! I've worked out the details with my favorite primping gals and I'm so excited to add this to my offerings! My hair and makeup team will get you all glammed up, I'll pick the perfect setting (I know some wonderful venues 😉) and we can just focus the shoot on you and that gorgeous gown! 

Every wedding photographer worth their salt will get you fabulous bridal portraits on the day of, but there's nothing like having a photo shoot just dedicated to capturing you and the exquisite detail of the most expensive dress in your closet. Not to mention all the couture fashion fun we can create during a dedicated shoot. So let's do this!!! Contact me to chat details!

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