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what to wear on your engagement shoot

On your wedding day, you know you're going to look stunning! You have your eye on some fabulous gowns, you've made the appointments, your bride tribe is flying in, but how about the shoot before the big day? 

Here are my top tips for rocking your wardrobe during your engagement shoot.

1. You and your fiancé should try to stay in the same tonal palette. So if you wear a bright red dress, you want him in "saturated" colors too (a dark blue, black, etc). The same goes if you want to do pastels or muted tones. If you wear a peachy or light pink dress, you want him in complimentary colors (browns, tans, greys, olives, etc.) 

2. If you decide to wear jeans, stay away from flat sandals. They tend to make your legs look shorter and thus make you look wider (no gal wants that!)

3. Don't be afraid to wear white if you have a favorite outfit in that color. It's a nice little "preview" of what's to come on the big day.

4. I always try to schedule enough time and find a comfortable space for my couple to do a wardrobe change. I usually suggest a more casual outfit, and one that's a little more dressy. Guys always look great in close-up shots in a dark suit jacket, but that's not a requirement, just a suggestion.

5. Wear something you are comfortable in. That's the most important part! If you aren't comfortable, it shows in the pics. So if he hates ties, or suit jackets, etc, don't make him wear one :) 

6. If you go for a dress, a flowy, light fabric looks amazing with a little movement! And if it twirls, even better!  

7. Want to look like you're ready for the cover of Vogue, but don't want to break the bank for just one shoot? Check out Rent the Runway ! You can order a to-die-for designer gown for a fraction of the cost and return it the next day! Easy-peesy 😁

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