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where to have your arizona wedding - venue spotlight - the hermosa inn

Where To Start

My venue spotlight tonight falls onto a little gem tucked into the desert up in Paradise Valley. The Hermosa Inn is a beautiful, unassuming venue that has a wonderful feel of being intimate, yet elegant. It embraces the muted, neutral tones of the desert, but also adds pops of unexpected color and interesting architecture all over the property. If you picture your dream wedding in a quiet, secluded sanctuary, you have to stop by and check out this truly unique option.

The Feel

As you can probably tell from my intro, the feel of the Inn is what I really fell for. It feels a bit like you've stumbled onto the estate of a 19th century Spanish Don! The inn was actually a private residence, created by the famous "cowboy artist" Lon Megargee, before it was opened as an inn. His artwork still hangs on the walls. The warm natural wood tones and the carefully selected southwest-chic decor creates a rugged, but luxurious atmosphere.

The Spaces

The Inn is home to Lon's restaurant, so it goes without saying that the food is superb! But the spaces where you choose to enjoy it can range from a intimate dinning room (that can still comfortably seat a small wedding) to the open courtyard, dotted wirh adobe fireplaces and cozy seating areas.

The first event I photographed at the Inn was an intimate wedding, where the ceremony was held in the library. The lighting was warm, inviting, and all the guests felt like they were really part of the whole experience.

Just off the hallway leading to the library, there's a stone staircase leading into an incredible wine cellar. The lighting is dramatic, the textures are incredible, and the FEEL is very old-world romantic. It's a must for portraits.

The courtyards have wonderful fountains throughout, along with fun architectural surprises. And then there's the garden! A wooden bridge over a dry creek bed, cacti, massive old growth trees and then dazzling pops of snap dragons and Bougainvilleas! It's an amazing canvas for any photographic artist to work on!

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