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getting ready shots = beautiful art

Are you still going back and forth with your hubby-to-be about what you "really need" to include in your wedding budget? Thinking about saving a few bucks by starting your photography coverage at the ceremony? Before you sign that contract, READ THIS POST! Here are three, legit reasons for a full day of coverage: 1. Your hair and make-up will thank you! 

The sad truth is, for most of us, we don't have a glam-squad to help us get ready every morning. (If only!) So on your wedding day, why not capture stunning, bra portraits when your make-up is fresh and flawless, your hair extensions have perfect loose waves, and your lash line if perfect (because you haven't started tearing up yet ;) Yes, your make up should last all day, but what if you get a little more emotional than you thought? What if mom tries to help and wipes off half of your eyeshadow? Or crazy Uncle Joe puts you in a bear hug and pulls you veil (and your hair!) down? Get those portraits done before hand. Those photos are the only thing that will last once all is said and done. 2. Quality time = Quality Art 

The wedding day is filled with hustle and bustle. The coordinator is trying to keep everything running, your MUA is trying to get everyone looking fabulous at the same time, the florist is trying to keep the flowers fresh as long as possible. Take some time before the festivities actually start to let your photographic artist create some magic. If you try to rush your solo portraits and cram them into family formal time, you aren't giving your photographer the time they need to teach you a little magic about posing, set up the perfect lighting, and get their creative juices going! 3. Party time is not portrait time

Think about it. Do you (or your new hubby) really want to put down the champagne, stop dancing, and do an artistic photo session? Probably not :) Si do the portraits early on and let your photographer capture the fun and fabulous, photojournalistic images of party time!

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