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what she fell for - kathy's story

In this edition of my bridal interviews, I heard from Kathy! Kathy and Bill were married at the iconic Wrigley Mansion last year. The drama of the mansion and the intimacy of their family-centered wedding was magical. So I was curious to know which image she picked as her favorite. Would it be the soft, chiffon framed portrait? The "Marie Antoinette" inspired capture on the colorful dressing couch? 

In the end, Kathy picked a beautiful, photojournalist in shot I captured of her walking down the aisle. And, it was a black and white! Which you all know are secretly so many of my favs ☺️. Here's what Kathy said:

"I love this one because it has my kids, husband and me in it. The wild greenery and the flow of my hair and dress are stunning. The expectant look on my husbands face is the icing on the cake. Thank you!"

Couldn't have described it better myself! Thanks for sharing, Kathy! 

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