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unlimited hours?

I was meeting with some wedding clients this past week, discussing collection options, when the groom-to-be raised and eyebrow and said "Unlimited hours? Who would need that?"

What he was referring to was my largest collection, that includes several different services and products, but the piece that caught his eye was the unlimited hours of coverage. Since I think his reaction is probably pretty typical for most of the brides and grooms out there, I wanted to share two quick reasons why you might want to consider collections that have this as an option:

1. Unique "Day of" Events

There are several couples I've worked with that really make their wedding days' their own. They plan activities, starting in the morning, that they enjoy. Maybe the groom is going mountain biking in the morning. Maybe the bride decides to get all the girls together for a morning at the spa? Why not have your photographic artist with you to capture those moments? If you're telling the story of your big day, why leave out the candid, personal time that really makes the day yours?

2. Zero Stress

Most brides who start the planning process for their weddings quickly realize that it is a BIG job. There are so many different pieces that have to fit together. What time will hair and make-up start? When will it be done? What time do the bridal party members need to head to the ceremony site? When will the ceremony start? Will there be a cocktail hour? How long will that last? When is the grand entrance scheduled? The timing can make your head spin! Even if you have an amazing planner, inevitably , the overall timeline for the day has to be aligned with your photographic timeline. If you're trying to get your photographs crammed into a short time frame, the entire day can start to feel the crunch. If your photographer doesn't have restricted hours, the schedule is so much easier to create.

So rather than thinking about how much time your need to actually take certain images, instead, I suggest thinking about the story you want to tell. The feel of the day you want to have. Remove the pressure from the planning process and enjoy the moment! That's really what it's all about :)

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