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3 super simple posing tips for brides

Picking the right photographer to capture your wedding day is step number one in creating gorgeous wedding images. But there are some other, super simple steps you can take as a bride on your big day that can really help you look your best in photographs. Here is a cute little info graphic to help you remember them!

Bend a Knee!

Shift your weight to one leg and bend the knee of the other. Then simply drop that knee over the other. This creates a beautiful "S" curve in your body and slims the waist.

Create Space!

It's typical for brides to hold their upper arms close to their body. This might feel like you are making yourself small and slimmer, but actually, it pushes the flesh of your arm out, making you look wider! Instead, create some space between your arms and your waist. Not only does this create a beautiful triangle shape, but it will make your upper arms appear thinner.

Check Your Part!

Did you know that where you part your hair can tell you which side of the face your prefer to be photographed from?! It's true! So check to see which eye you part your hair over and let your photographer know that that is your preferred side! If you part your hair down the middle, have your photographer check your sides to see if one is more symmetrical than the other.

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