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3 super simple "to do's" for stunning prep shots

You've picked out the perfect venue, your dress is to die for, and your groom's suit is stylin'! You're ready for your dream wedding! But before you tie a bow around all your pre-wedding prep, here are a few super simply "to-do's" you can check off your list to make your "getting ready" shots picture perfect:

1. A Little White Robe:

White is perfect because it's super easy to find and it'll build anticipation in the album spread, creating visual suspense for the big reveal of your gorgeous gown!

But if bright colors are more your thing, get as creative as you'd like! Just find something pretty for you and your ladies-in-waiting, so no one gets caught in those old ripped up sweats.

a bride's robe from the back

a bride and her bridesmaids in beautiful robes

a bride and her girls getting ready

2. Have your hair and make up done prior to your photographer arriving:

"Getting ready" doesn't mean you need to be bare faced with your hair all in a tangle! I've taken lots of those images, as while they do tell the story, I don't think any of my brides have put them in an album, or created prints of them.

a beautiful bride and her mom helping her get ready

If you really want those photojournalistic shots, you can always get your MUA to touch you up so your photographer can capture the feel of the prep. This way, you'll look polished and photo-ready when your photographer snaps that must have shot of you stepping into your dress!

a beautiful bride getting her hair done on the wedding day

3. Have all your details together in one room:

Don't forget your shoes, your invitation suite, and any other little items that have special significance for you. Putting them all in one place before the hustle and bustle of the wedding starts will ensure your photographer captures all these special, must have details. Make sure your groom does the same!

a bride putting on her perfume

a Tiffany & Co. jewelry box

a detail photograph of a groom's vows and the couple's rings

a bride showing off her wedding shoes

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