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the thing about first looks...

So here's the thing about first looks:

You're probably think that since I'm a photographer, this is gonna be a post all about light, and yes! Having a first look makes it a lot easier to capture amazing couple shots before the ceremony. Yep, you'll get gorgeous soft light, it opens up a lot of shooting areas around the venue, the benefits from a photographic perspective go on and on.

But there's another element about the first look that I think a lot of brides overlook. And that's the wonderful, little, private, emotional memory you'll create on your wedding day!

Since the first look concept is relatively new (after all, we've been told since we were little, it's bad luck to see the bride before the ceremony!) a lot of my brides are a little skeptical about it. But here's the deal, you'll get the thrill of all your guests seeing you, in all your bridal glory, when you make your big entrance at the ceremony. Wouldn't you rather the moment your beloved sees you for the first time be a private one? You can just focus on him! You can take it all in and keep that memory forever. It's its own little gem! Then, when your dad walks you down the aisle, you can focus on the tear in his eye, high-fiving a good friend in the crowd, or hugging your mom.

The wedding day goes by so fast! Why not slow it down and cherish this amazing moment? Yesterday, I was honored to witness and capture the first look between Sydney and Jett (stay tuned for their incredible images!) Not only did we get some stunning images, but they actually decided to read the vows they had written, just to each other. It was beautiful, and a moment I know they'll cherish forever.

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