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edelmira & ted

I was lucky enough to meet these two at the WeddingWire Fall Fete this past October, where they entered to win a free engagement shoot I gave away : ) I was beyond stoked when I drew their name out of the entry box!

Ted and “Edy” actually met 10 years ago at a restaurant. They dated for a while, but at the time, Ted was in business school and Edy was a flight attendant. Their hectic busy schedules just didn’t leave a whole lot of time for love at that point. The, five years later, Ted reached out to Edy with “a random text” message! They reconnected, and this time was different : )

On their third anniversary, the couple enjoyed an intimate, romantic dinner at the Wrigley Mansion. After dinner, they toured the mansion and ended up in a room with a 360-degree view of the city. In the middle of the room was a small table with a dessert menu and champagne on ice. While this might have tipped off most girls that something was up, Edy just though this was Ted being Ted. He’s such a romantic, after all!

When Edy picked up the desert menu, she realized that it was actually a letter Ted had written to her. The letter told her about all the things he loved about her and reminisced about all the memories they had created together. Ted handed her yet another menu, filled with more memories! And at the end it read “Will you marry me?”

When Edy looked up at the love of her life, he was on one knee with a ring in his hand. He even brought in music, so they could have their first dance together as an engaged couple, right then and there!

The couple is planning on having there wedding in May at the Wrigley, so we decided to do their engagement shoot at the gorgeous Royal Palms Hotel for a different feel and backdrop.

The shoot was spectacular. Not only was it obvious that Edy and Ted both love photography, but it turns out that the lens loves them right back! The shoot was filled with touching moments of intimacy between the two lovebirds and some fierce, editorial images they created in the stunning sunset light of the desert. I hope you all fall in love with these shots as much as I did. Congrats, Edy and Ted! Your big day is going to be spectacular!

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