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love is the forest!

I’ve known Noah since I was sixteen. We grew up together on the east side, across the water from Seattle. Noah met Marc in college and it was about that time that he came out to all of us. His family, his close friends, we were all so happy that he had met someone whom he truly loved and who loved him right back.

While I ended up leaving Washington and flitting all over the country, Noah and I always kept in touch. Whenever I had a chance to come back to the Northwest, we always made it a point to meet up and reconnect; sharing our stories, listening to the milestone marks in each other’s lives. So you can imagine how my little photographer’s heart sunk a bit when I learned that Marc and Noah had officially tied the knot and I hadn’t been around to capture it. They are both pretty private guys, so I wasn’t shocked that they didn’t do a big, elaborate wedding, but for a few years now, I’ve been wanting to get them in front of the lens, to help them capture the beauty and magic of their relationship.

So this summer, my little vacation up to Seattle gave me the perfect excuse. Why not do a “wedding remake”?! Not a ceremony, but just some shots of the two of them, where ever they wanted, when ever they wanted, to capture their story.

Noah was all in :) They chose a natural, rustic setting in Discovery Park; a beautiful, large section of trees and fields that really celebrates the natural landscape of the area. We were surrounded by towering pine trees, surrounded by interesting textures (tall, wispy grass, dark bubble like flowers) and I found a fairytale like staircase, worn a bit by the rain and well traveled.

Both “grooms” wore dark shirts, ties, and pants (nothing to formal or stuffy). The shots we captured that cool Seattle evening turned out exactly the way I had envisioned they would. Sweet, intimate, and completely “them.”

Thanks Marc and Noah, for letting me capture the years of love and partnership you two have shared! I love you both and can’t wait to take more gorgeous photos at your vow renewal! ; )

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