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bungalow love

This #weddingwednesday, I’d like to share the story of the Lori and Andrew, the sweet couple I had the pleasure of meeting this past spring. Lori found me, as so many of my brides do, on WeddingWire and asked if we could meet up in person to discuss the details with her fiancé, Andrew.

I met the couple at Inside the Bungalow, a quaint little coffee shop / event site in downtown Mesa, just off of Main street. I remember thinking that the whole place had a sort of shabby chic feel to it, and that it would be a really lovely site for the intimate wedding the couple had planned. There was exposed brick on the wall leading back to the ceremony site, little stone angels peeking down through ivy and vines, 19th century style lamp posts, and a completely classic, retro black and white tile floor by the espresso bar. As we toured the grounds, my mind started to race with all the possibilities for backgrounds, but I will admit, the tile of that floor stuck in my head more than anything else. Stay tuned for how I decided to use it!

Lori and Andrew met like any modern couple…online! They were both so genuinely kind and laid back that the meeting felt more like catching up with old friends than it did a new business transaction.

The day of the wedding felt equally as warm and natural. Lori beamed in her corseted white gown, as did all of her lovely bridesmaids. The joy they felt surrounding Lori and Andrew’s union was obvious, and so easy to capture.

The groom and groomsmen were decked out in dapper grey suits with some pretty fabulous matching socks. The little ring bearer was such a good sport and even did some mean-mugging for me during the guys’ photos.

When Lori walked down the aisle to the melodic voice of her son’s girlfriend and the gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar, the garden radiated with the happiness of the entire group.

After the smooches and “I do’s”, Andrew and Lori indulged me as I flitted from one area of the garden to the next. They didn’t even hesitate when I finally lead them to the tiled room with the coffee bar I’d been obsessing about for months! The owners looked at me a little strangely when I said “yes, I want to photograph them here, right next to the window, under the TV. And yes, could you please pull that floor matt behind the bar?” But the image turned out just as I’d hoped. Slightly quirky, quaint, and intimate. Like all husbands and wives really are : ) I love the utilitarian feel of the setting, juxtaposed with the formality of their attire. It was magic!

The reception was held in the front of the venue, which dazzled with thousands of fairy lights. One of my favorite shots of the night was captured during Lori and Andrew’s first dance. She’s beaming with that wonderful “I just married my man!” glow and the background looks like something out of a shimmering, fairy tale!

I received a wonderfully sweet thank you card from Lori and Andrew a few days ago, with one of my favorite shots on the front! Thanks you two, for letting me capture the whimsical magic of your nuptials. Cheers and congrats!

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