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love on the high seas

This week, I was lucky enough to be whisked away to glorious San Diego for a mini-vacation with my husband. He worked, I worked, but we got to do it from gas lamp district in southern California, so I have no complaints! Driving in from the airport, I passed the pier where Christy and Scott were married, and it brought back all the amazing memories and beautiful images of that day. And it inspired the Wedding Wednesday blog for this week!

Christy is a gorgeous, petite angel I had the pleasure of working with a lifetime ago. When she contacted me for an engagement shoot, I was beyond excited. Not just because she is so incredibly photogenic, but also because I got to meet Scott, her hubby-to-be. When I say that Scott is as in love with his fiancé as anyone can possibly be, I’m not exaggerating. Their engagement shoot was a breeze because the love he feels for her is written all over his face. It’s beyond adorable…like, so -sweet- it-might-give-you-a-stomachache adorable :)

We did their engagement shoot at Estrella Park in the southwest desert of Arizona. But there’s a dock there! It fit with the nautical theme of their wedding, as Christy confided in me that the nuptials would actually be in San Diego, on a cruise ship! At the time, she didn’t think she would need me to fly out on the big day as the cruise ship came with its own wedding photographer.

But a few months later, Christy realized, to her horror, that the cruise-appointed photographer only took photos for a max of 20 minutes and that was it! Photography was one of the most important wedding elements to Christy, so she called me up and told me the situation. Of course I’d make the trip! A nautical wedding in Cali? How could I pass that up!?

Christy and Scott decide to have their first look at the county Administration Building in San Diego, just east of the dock where the Hornblower cruise ship was ready to take them out to sea. The courtyard was stunning, filled with birds-of-paradise and lush greenery.

I met Christy in the courtyard first. She wore a gorgeous lace gown with a keyhole back that she bought at the Almond Tree in Phoenix. She added a gorgeous accent belt to the gown, to accentuate her waste AND she took my advice on adding a veil to the ensemble. It was the perfect, romantic touch!

Scott wore a dramatic blue tuxedo with tails that I felt really reflected the drama and romance of the sea.

After their first look, Scott surprised Christy with a Tiffany’s necklace to wear during the wedding. Her reaction was beyond priceless.

Later in the evening, while taking some detailed shots of the wooden box that Scott had used to presented the necklace, I noticed that it was engraved on the inside bottom with the words “less than 3”…hmmmm….I had to ask. When we finally had a minute to chat, I asked Scott what mysterious engraving meant. He smiled and said that before they had actually said “I love you” to each other, they had texted the now-infamous symbols back and forth <3…it makes a hear in text-emojis….How much more millennial can you get!? Loved it…

After the first-look, we high-tailed it over to the dock to board the Hornblower’s Admiral Cruise ship. Christy and Scott were wed while a small group of family and close friends witnessed the beauty of the setting sun, top-side, and the ship’s Captain made it official.

The reception was held below deck, in the soft lighting of an intimate dinner cruise. The food was amazing, and the dance floor was filled with laughter and smiles.

The ships deck made a perfect backdrop for some dreamy-romantic couple shots, as well as some dramatic evening shots of the shoreline.

This week, I was able to relive all of those amazing moments while I escaped the desert summer in Cali. Even if it was just for a few days, it made me remember the amazing day Scott and Christy decided to make it forever. I ADORE this couple, and I wish them all the best on their voyage together.

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