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love in the high country

Amie, her mother, and her sister actually all made the long drive south from Flagstaff to meet with me after we had emailed a few times about her wedding. She loved my work, but wanted to meet in person to be sure we would be a good fit. Amie was sweet and kind with an infectious smile. After we worked out the details, it was decided that I would be her girl for wedding photography on the big day! The group then made the most of their time in the Valley by finishing their wedding dress shopping. Amie actually ended up buying a gorgeous Vera Wang gown at the same shop (Suzanne’s Bridal) where I bought my Maggie Sottero gown, for my own wedding! The layers of white organza were dreamy and she accented her amazing figure with a soft pink ribbon around the waist!

The day of the wedding, I’m not gonna lie, I was nervous. As I drove north towards the high country, I saw the dark storm clouds start to gather. About 30 minutes away from the neighborhood park where the outdoor wedding was going to be held, I drove through hail! All of my gear is completely waterproof, and I don’t have an issue shooting in the rain, but a thunderstorm? Not what every girl dreams of on her wedding day . . .

Miraculously, the storm kind of surrounded the beautiful little park where the ceremony was being set up. We heard some thunder, saw some flashes of lighting in the distance, but that was it!

I had yet to meet Anthony, the groom to be, at this point. After taking her own portrait and bridal party shots with the girls, we hid Amie safely away at a house near by and called the boys to let them know it was their turn.

Still one of my favorite groom group shots, the one below captured the guys as they strutted down the street to the park. I later learned, amidst hysterical antics and team poses, that most of these guys were on a hockey team together. They were such hams, and it was a blast shooting their candid joy and shenanigans during the whole day.

Amie made her grand entrance to the top of the aisle by riding down the street in a blazing red race car, with all her friends and family looking on.

A wonderfully thoughtful detail I captured during the wedding ceremony was the little wooden rounds that Amie had for each of her bridesmaids, so their navy blue stilettos didn’t dig into the soft grass of the ceremony site. Brilliant!

After the vows and the big smooch, Amie and Anthony captured some fantastic photographs among the green, lush pines of the park. Then, in the middle of a shot, one of the guests came running over to me to point out the rainbow that had just broken through the clouds! I can’t make this up. It was beyond picture perfect.

The reception was also held at the park, with some lovely, whimsical white lights and a lit dance floor. I actually wiped away a few tears as Anthony danced his mother/son dance to Garth Brooks’s “Mom.” If you love country, check out this classic if you haven’t picked your tunes for this part of the reception yet!

After the cake cutting, I wished the couple all the best and head back to the desert of the valley, but I’ve kept in touch since. I am delighted to report that Amie and Anthony welcomed their son, Cash, into the world earlier this year. Congrats on the new addition, guys, and thank you both so much for letting me be part of your gorgeous, country-chic wedding. It’s one I’ll never forget!

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