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do you need a wedding planner?

Recently, I’ve been meeting with potential brides that have booked their venue (or are getting ready to) and now, they want a photographer! It seems like more and more, photography is number 1 or 2 on their bridal “to do” list. How phenomenal for me! But with this bump in priority, I’ve also found myself being asked some basic planning questions and the one I get a lot is…”Do I really need a planner?”

While I usually say the dreaded "It depends." I've recently come up with some great questions that will help clear this up for you. Read on to find out if you’re the type of bride that will be so much happier on the big day having someone else take the reins, or if you're the type that can really just breeze through the day on your own:

1. Does the venue you’re thinking about require one?

This might seem silly - “Duh, Rachel! If I’m required of course I need one.” But remember, if you’re asking me this question, you might not have booked your venue yet. If the venues you are looking at actually require a planner, there’s a reason. If you picture your big day as a grand affair at the Biltmore or Phoenician, chances are the wedding you have in your mind is grand, elaborate, and filled with tons of amazing details.

If you answered “yes”:

Get a planner - no question. Even if you end up going with a wedding venue that doesn’t require one, you will be oh so happy you did because the event you’re dreaming of will take a professional to pull off without having to stress you during your big day.

If you answered “no”:

Maybe you don’t need a wedding planner, but read on just in case! : )

2. Would you rather be a guest or a host?

I’m not just talking about your wedding, but obviously that’s where we’re headed with this one. Does it bring you an incredible sense of satisfaction to be the host of a party? Do you love it when you’re tuckered out at the end of the night, but you pulled off the shindig of the century? Or would you rather be the guest at an amazing event like that?

If you answered, “host”:

Ok, maybe you have the internal drive and sheer will to pull off being a bride AND a host of a major event. But read on anyway, just to be sure : )

If you answered, “guest”:

Get a planner! If you don’t want to have to stress about all the little details or hiccups that happen during the hosting of a big event (hint: like a wedding!) get a planner. The slight additional cost to the wedding budget is well worth it.

3. How much time have you got?

If you’re like me, you are pretty much at your limit when it comes to your daily grind. If this is your first wedding, you would be AMAZED at how much more efficient the planning process can be with a true professional. You don’t need to spend hours upon hours reading reviews of florists or musicians, wondering if "affordable" mean low quality. You won’t have to worry about your DJ slipping into a weird trance and blaring techno during your first dance…unless that’s your thing : ) Professional planners have already done the grunt work for you. Having a planner doesn’t mean you don’t have options, it just means you have the BEST options.

If you answered: “I have all the time in the word and I love learning new thing (or you’re a planner yourself!):

Ok, you reached this point in the blog, and you’re probably right, you could do without a planner.

If you answered: “Are you crazy! I don’t even have time to read this blog! I’m slyly scrolling through it at my desk on my iphone, hoping my boss doesn’t catch me!”

You guessed it . . . get a planner!

If you haven’t figured it out by now, yes, I think that having a planner, at least for “day of” services is pretty much a must for most of my brides. It makes the entire planning process so much smoother AND you get to be a guest and enjoy your own wedding. How perfect is that?

If you need some suggestions, shoot me a text or an email! I know some great ladies in the business that can add some tranquility to the storm of wedding planning!

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