stars headed to texas

It was well over 100 degrees when I met with Matt and Emily to shoot their engagement session at the Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale. We were in a bit of a time-crunch pickle as Matt was only in town briefly, and was headed back to Texas the following day.

Usually, I really push for engagement shoots to be outdoors. The lighting is so much kinder to the skin, the backgrounds are muted and natural looking, and you don’t have to worry about the weird shadows that bad fluorescent tubes or can lights throw onto your subject’s face. But the Phoenician is gorgeous and Greg Wirth, the catering manager there, was gracious enough to let us hide from the heat in beautiful hotel, so we made it work!

We got some really unique and beautiful shots in the little café, then headed to the marble staircase and down to the phenomenal chandeliers I have become a bit obsessed with. ;)

During the shoot, I got to know Matt and Emily a little better. I learned that he was a state trooper in Texas and that he and Emily would be making their life together in the lone star state after the wedding, which I would be shooting in the coming winter at the Desert Foothills in North Scottsdale.

The love between the two of them was really easy to capture :) I thought I saw a few tears in Emily’s eyes when she talked about Matt leaving the next day. And as we walked around the resort, Matt couldn’t take his eyes of his bride-to-be. They were both such troopers too! (pardon the pun). Once the sun began to set, we braved the sweltering heat and captured some wonderful shots in the desert terrain surrounding the resort and at the staircase and fountain at the entrance to the main lobby.

Flash forward a few months: I arrived at a fun little southwest resort in North Scottsdale to meet with the couple and their families on the big day. Emily, her mother Janet, and the rest of the ladies got ready in a suite not far from Matt and his boys. Emily was calm, quiet and just beamed during the whole prep stage.

Matt was a little more nervous :) I could see the quarterback in him as he planned and walked through each step of the day in his head. After a little liquid courage, I walked him to a quiet alcove where we planned their first look. I promised him that all the nerves would calm down once he saw her, and he told me later that I was so right!