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the beauty of real, professional post processing

Recently, when I’ve met with my brides-to-be, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the informed questions they have for me. They ask a lot about my processes, my style, whether or not I have second shooters, etc. One of the questions that often get’s skipped, though, is my level of ability to post process an image.

A lot of people hear the word “photoshopping” and they cringe:

“Now way! I don’t want to look fake in my wedding photos!”

But really, when you are talking about the professional world of photography, post processing is a must and I think it’s almost as important as composition and “having an eye” for photography.

Here’s why:

  • Today, most modern brides want a photojournalistic feel to their wedding photography.

  • Brides don’t want to stand around while you position a soft box and they don’t want to hold uncomfortable poses. They want that perfect shot of them smiling back at the lens as they run off with their hubby into the sunset. I totally get that. But that also means that the images I capture quickly on your big day, are probably going to need a little tweaking. I might need to bring up a shadow on your cheek, or I might need to bring the color of the gorgeous sunset back into an image I exposed for your skin and hair. There are a bunch of little changes to the light that can all be done in post, that will really make a remarkable image.

  • It’s not changing how you look, it’s correctly how the lens saw you.

  • I can’t tell you how many times my brides have said “I love the photograph! But oh man, my arms are huge!” or something similar to that. Well, the truth is, you arms aren’t huge, but in a strapless wedding dress, where you are pulling them in to your side, more of skin is being pushed towards the camera, making them look bigger than they do in real-life. This is a fantastic example of when to use post processing, mainly the liquify tool. There are a ton of other fun little tools that can make wrinkles appear smoother, or take away an annoying little blemish. You have professional make-up on your big day, right? So think of post processing as additional make up for your photos :)

My point for the “Tips & Tricks” blog this week is to be sure to ask your wedding photographer if they do professional post processing. If not, consider a replacement :) Also, don’t be scared to tell your photographer if you have little areas you want them to pay particular attention to:

  • Wearing a corset wedding dress? Make sure they pay attention to the “back fat” that is almost every girl’s hurdle with that type of dress.

  • Do you always part your hair over one particular side? That’s probably the side of your face you consider the most flattering. Be sure to tell your photographer!

  • Is that little beauty mark on your chin something you love, or do you want it magically whisked away in post? Tell your photographer :)

There are a host of tools at our fingertips these days in the professional photographer world. Make sure your wedding photographer knows them and is a master at using them! Your photos will thank you for years to come.

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