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This is the story of Jenny and Dane. A wonderful couple who planned their wedding in the blistery mountains of Alaska, and ended up saying their “I dos” on a luscious tropical cliff, overlooking a turquoise bay in Kauai.

Jenny has a natural ease and classic grace about her that translated perfectly into a stunning, elegant wedding. You would think that the stress of planning a wedding a world away, on her own, would frazzle any bride, but not Jenny! She found the venue, the caterer, the musicians, the make-up artists, the hair stylists . . . and of course me J and pulled together a truly gorgeous wedding.

I was fortunate enough to travel with Jenny & Dane, and their family, to Kauai and was able to shoot not only their big day, but the rehearsal dinner as well. The laid back atmosphere of Kauai was intoxicating, and everyone involved in the festivities got to relax and enjoy wonderful food, beautiful music and amazing scenery.

The rehearsal dinner was held at an amazing estate, nestled behind a fantastic tropical forest. The background was too incredible to pass up, so we snuck in a quick “we didn’t get to do engagement shots” shoot :)

On the day of the wedding, we all crossed our fingers as the morning storms blew through. Just to be on the safe side, we brought a cute little umbrella down to the secluded beach where Dane saw his bride-to-be for the first time. Thankfully, we didn’t need it! The clouds parted, the sun started to shine, and we got some lovely beach shots before heading back to a private residence on a bluff for the ceremony.

Jenny was beyond stunning in her lace gown and pearls. I told her she was a cross between a Grecian goddess, Audrey Hepburn, and a bohemian beach babe!

Dane was cool as could be in a crisp linen shirt and slacks. They said their vows and smooched near a gazebo, overlooking the ocean.

As the music started and the reception go underway, we were able to capture some glorious, buttery sunset shots.

The next day, Jenny and I managed to convince Dane to partake in a wreck the dress shoot. While many family members weren’t sure what THAT was all about, the images we created were beyond breath taking and are still some of my favorite shots to date. If you’re a daring bride like Jenny, my advice is . . . do it! Dresses can be dry-cleaned. Why not make some timeless art with your gown?

This destination wedding was the stuff bridal dreams are made of. And I couldn’t be more honored that Jenny and Dane trusted me with their Hawaiian Happily Ever After. Mahalo, you two!

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