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While it might be typical to find photographers that would rather do a number of unpleasant things rather than sit in front of a computer screen, that's not me :) 

I find that tools like Photoshop, Neural Filters, Midjourney and all the other Ai tools that are exploding into the digital art space are ways to enhance my photographic art. And I really love creating these types of surreal images. Whether you want it to look like your session was captured under an Arizona fire sky, or you want to be transported into a fantastic world of fantasy, I can make that happen!


This is an option for my couples that maybe had a different wedding than they intended (remember the Covid craziness!?) So if you have photos that your feel kinda "eh" about, why not comission some composites from me? Fill out the form below and let's chat about what you want to create!


Or maybe you're a corporate client looking to change a style in a favorite product shot. Or swapping and adding people to a corporate team photograph? 

Check out the work below to see the original images and the composites I created from them. 

Composite Commission Inquiry

Fill out the info below and Rachel will be in touch soon.

Message set! Rachel will be in touch :)

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