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publication love! star crossed at the inn

One of my favorite styled shoots was published this week on Diamond Bridal Gallery and I'm simply thrilled with their write up. It's a wonderful thing when fellow industry professionals recognize your vision and help promote it.

My vision for the story I want to tell with my wedding photography has evolved over the past few years. I still fall in love, with capturing couples in love, on every shoot. I love the candid, beautiful, sweet and poignant moments I capture when a mom sees her little girl in bridal white. Or when the groom sees his soon-to-be wife walking towards him and his eyes start to tear up. I love capturing the real moments. BUT...I'll tell you a secret. Something that's really helped my find a voice in a pretty loud and crowded industry.

I love the pageantry of weddings too. I love watching a woman who spends her days as a mother, or a writer, or a doctor, or a solider step into a glamorous, dramatic, She-Ra role. For my brides who tell me, "I'm shy, I just want ONE picture of me that I don't hate." For those women, listen to me: I LIVE to help you find that inner model. We all have it. We really do! And what better day to turn that superwoman, goddess, I-own-this-world vibe into timeless art than on your wedding day!

Star crossed at the Inn was my first swing at an editorial story line that was really all my own. The feel is moody and sensual and yes, quite dramatic. So if you're wondering if you can let that vivacious , inner vixen out on your wedding day (here's a hint, YES YOU CAN!) head over to the Diamond Bridal Gallery and get some inspiration. Then shoot me a text and let's do this! Your inner model will thank you later :)

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