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portraits for all!

I'm so excited for my upcoming portrait couture session next weekend! We launched this offering thinking we would be focusing on Senior Portraits, which is still the primary focus, but there are so many more ladies out there in need of beautiful portraits. Who you ask? Yes, Seniors getting ready to graduate, but what about women in the prime of their life? Celebrating a new job? Celebrating the birth of a child? Celebrating a new love? An old love? Pretty much, women the world over NEED portraits of themselves. To celebrate all that is being a woman; beauty, strength, maturity, resilience.

Here are some of my favorite shots from a mother daughter session we did not so long ago. If you're thinking about booking a session, do it now! Don't wait to loose a few pounds, or until you "have the time" because today is what counts. Not the tomorrow that keeps getting pushed off :)

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