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what she fell for - leah's story

Leah and Robb stayed at the stunning JW Marriott at Camelback Inn where they prepared for their nuptials at the Camelback Golf Club. Leah's incredibly sweet disposition and her focus on making the day all about friends and family made this wedding day special and intimate. When I asked Leah to pick her favorite images, here is what she told me:

"My first favorite is the b/w profile shot of me leaning up against the casita. It's such a simple pose, but you turned it into this beautiful, glamorous image and I adore it! Almost like I was part of a fashion photo shoot! ;-)"

"My second favorite is another b/w image...where Robb and I are standing in the arched entry of the resort lobby. When you told me the lobby would be a fantastic place to take pictures, I wasn't quite sure what you meant. Now I get it! You perfectly captured the architectural details of the space and we have so many beautiful photos as a result. This one in particular stands out because I think it's symbolic of our wedding day. Robb and I are standing in the arched entry way as if we're moving from one space into the next, sort of like our relationship, going from engaged to the commitment of marriage."

"Last favorite was taken right after we said our vows and we hussled over to snap a few sunset photos. You took one of us walking toward you, holding hands, with the Camelback Golf Club behind us. I love this photo because we look relaxed and happy and it just feels so natural. Plus you can see my cute shoes! lol"

"I really can't thank you enough for the wonderful photos we have of our wedding day. It went by so quickly, and I'm very grateful I can go back and relive each moment as I click through the images."

Leah, thank you so much for this eloquent answer! Loved your big day so much, let's do it all over again!!

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